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Anxiety and Phobias

Anxiety and phobias are two common concepts in psychology.  However, while anxiety is a normal and expected reaction when faced with stress, phobias aren’t.  Phobias start in childhood.  It is the intense fear or dread of something that was probably caused by an incident in one’s life or by a shared perception from their parents.  This fear could be of a select group or species of animals, like spiders (arachnophobia) and snakes (ophidiophobia), or it could be to something really unreasonable to most people, like crossing the street (agyrophobia), being in open spaces (agoraphobia), or seeing a certain color (chromatophobia).  When persons with phobias see or get near something they are afraid of, they get anxious to the point of feeling a threat to their whole being.  They might be able to make it through, but it is with great distress.

Anxiety, on the other hand, also have to be scrutinized as there are some forms, which are already considered disorders.  These are the types which hinder people from doing certain things.  Example of which would be a generalized anxiety disorder wherein the anxiety is chronic.  Post-traumatic stress disorder is common for war survivors.  Just a single sound like clashing or clanging, can send them running or flat on their bellies.  They have these flashbacks of the war.  Sometimes it becomes dangerous for the simple fact that they would get their weapons.  There are also some who get into the panic stage of anxiety, which is just too much.  It prevents them from thinking clearly and clouds their decision making processes.

For those people who experience these severe forms of anxiety and phobias, it might be better to consult with someone who can help.  They could be a physician, psychiatrist, or counselor of choice.  Nowadays, there are some who do counseling online.  There are certain medications, which can help calm the nerves and make the person feel more relaxed.  It is also important that significant others avoid criticizing them for what they are feeling.  It is to be remembered that what these people feel are true for them.  Their anxieties are not their fault.  Their fears are really fearful of them, even though they are not in normal life.  One should not tease these people with something to which they have a phobia to as that will only heighten their suffering.

Anxiety and phobias can be controlled and dealt with properly through the right resources.  If the item or object to one is fearful of is not really very common, then one might just be able to go through without the counseling.  However, if the cause of fear is unavoidable like men (Androphobia), water (hydrophobia), light (photophobia), some modes of transportation like cars (amaxophobia), or using the stairs or elevators; it is important that they seek help now.  One cannot waste their life sitting at home scared. Like the common saying, “face your fear”, people with anxiety and phobias should learn to face theirs.  There are many people who are willing to help.



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