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Fear of Public Speaking

Does nausea, intense anxiety, panic, and clamminess grip you at the very thought of public speaking, and ultimately lead to an unsatisfactory presentation? If yes, then you possess the most prevalent and common fear in this world—the fear of public speaking. Fear of public speaking affects more people than any other phobia. So if you fear nothing more than speaking publically then don't feel alone.

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So what is public speaking and how can one gain control over it?

Fear of public speaking, otherwise known as glossophobia, is an extreme anxiety disorder shared by millions and millions of people all throughout the world. Often seen under the broad spectrum of social phobia, fear of public speaking affects majority of people in the world, ranging from children and adolescents to adults and elderly people.


The fear of public speaking can be attributed to an irrational fear that has developed due to long avoidance of speaking in public or attending any event that involves interacting with people. Besides this, fear of public speaking can also spring from a single or a number of traumatic or embarrassing situations, which can cripple a person’s ability to speak confidently in front of strangers, and even known people.

Fear of public speaking hinders one from speaking confidently in public, be it in a classroom or workplace or any other situation. Fortunately, fear of public speaking can be cured.


Numerous institutions and associations have been formed to help individuals with fear of public speaking. Some ways in which individuals can prevent the fear of public speaking is by believing in themselves, being positive, and following certain principles such as looking one’s best, which boosts up confidence, be sure about the speech, and enjoy the public speaking itself without worrying to be perfect.


Negative feelings, attempts to over-learn the speech text, obsession and fear of failing in front of others, stammering, and others can only tend to aggravate the fear of public speaking. Hence, a positive attitude with determined mind to succeed can only drive away the fear of public speaking and pave the way for being a confident and effective public speaker.



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