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Common Phobias

Phobia, or an intense, irrational fear or anxiety disorder, is ubiquitous and one of the most common behaviour disorder exhibited by people of all ages throughout the world. Often marked by severe symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, sickness, profuse sweating, clammy palms, and many more, Phobias can run in families in genes, or can also be acquired through learning.

Researchers and experts have distinguished between different types of Phobias. Among them, the most prevalent Phobias are termed as ‘Common Phobia’ and have been found to be the most prevalent among individuals at some point in their lives.

Some Common Phobias include specific phobias such as Acrophobia, or fear of heights; Claustrophobia, or fear of enclosed spaces; Aerophobia, or fear of flying; Social Phobia; Glossophobia, or fear of public speaking; Necrophobia, or fear of dead things; Mysophobia, or fear of germs and dirt; and many more.

Besides the aforementioned Common Phobias, there are other phobias too which include fear of dentists, strangers, blood, flying, and others.

Just like other Phobias, Common Phobias also have an irrational fear and anxiety at their roots, which a phobic realises and understands, but has difficulty in controlling his or her phobic symptoms.

Common Phobias when not treated can intensify in their degree and intensity and lead to severe problems in the life of a phobic. Continuous intense fear and avoidance from the cause of phobic situations ultimately results in Agoraphobia, or an intense fear or panic for situations outside the safe haven of an individual. 

Treatment methods for Common Phobias vary, depending upon the causal factors, intensity, and degree of the symptoms of a phobia. Relaxation therapy, desensitization, behavioural therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy or exposure treatment, among others are some methods or techniques that can be applied for treating Common Phobias.

Although an irrational fear and anxiety underlies the Common Phobias, they should never be taken lightly. Capable of causing severe disturbance in the lives of individuals, Common Phobias should and must be identified, diagnosed, and treated for a normal and happy life.

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