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Troubles and problems are normal aspects of human’s lives. It has been considered as part of their system. There are several types of problems that they usually encounter. Most of them are financial, physical and emotional dilemmas. Those are the common stuffs that keep bothering everyone. However, they neglect one important thing in their lives as they continue to mind material objects. It is their spiritual being.
There are moments when you are caught in the midst of confusion. You know you can do something, and you know what you have and you need to do. But you doubt yourself. And as a result, you haven’t done anything. It feels like something is lacking, a guidance from someone perhaps. And you think that the encouragement you have received from your family, and friends aren’t enough for you to pursue it. It might be the right time to ask for ‘his’ guidance. You can do the first step in making yourself close to God and strengthen your spiritual aspect as a being.
Obtain the higher level of spiritual process. There are individuals who aim to have a spiritual progress by themselves. It means they only rely on their strength and without asking God’s direction.  He is the world’s creator and the only one who can help people in creating the bridge between their spiritual and physical state.
What are the things that you need to do when you want to proceed with your spiritual progress? Here are the things that might help you in the process.

  • Always connect yourself with God. Not just during the time of heavy burdens but all the time. A silent prayer won’t harm you. Talk to him with respect and understanding. Not all the things you ask will be given to you in an instance. You need to have more patience and understanding as well.
  • Repent with your sins. If possible avoid making too much offense and wrong doings even if you have reasons to do it. Wrong is always wrong, you can’t change it but you can avoid it. Be strong and always ask for his forgiveness. God will always accept you no matter what you do as long as you are sincere in changing your bad habits.
  • Meditation, this is one of the best methods in spiritual process. You are not just communicating with God but you are also feeling the nature and the environment. If you have problems and you don’t know where to start solving it meditations will help you.
  • Always have faith not just with God but yourself too. If you know you are right and you need to do it for your sake and for the sake of everyone then why not? God has his own way in enlightening your path.

All your problems have a solution. The thing is, you need to find it yourself. Ask yourself first ‘what is really the problem?’ then start to think of the possible answers to it. If you come up with an answer ask his blessings and if you have not found it ask for guidance.


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Quotes from the team at Phobias:

There are two steps in solving a problem.  Believing you can solve the problem and solving the problem.  Once you have established belief you are more than half way there.

You may not always find happiness from your actions, but you will never find happiness from inaction.




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