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DEPRESSION - Symptoms & Solutions


There are many reasons why people will develop depression, it can be caused by internal factors ( that is originating biochemical changes within the body or brain) or from external factors such as the loss of a loved one or personal tragedy.

Common Symptoms of Depression:

Crying frequently, reason may be unknown.

Lowered self-esteem, self-image distorted.

Thoughts of suicide or wondering affects of death.

Disturbed sleeping pattern, restless nights.

Change in dietry habits, lack of eating.

Constant tiredness.

Speech reduced, not spontaneous.

Constant criticism towards others and self.

Lack of enjoyment from previously enjoyable activities.

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Cure yourself of Depression

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Quotes from the team at Phobias:

There are two steps in solving a problem.  Believing you can solve the problem and solving the problem.  Once you have established belief you are more than half way there.

You may not always find happiness from your actions, but you will never find happiness from inaction.




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