DEPRESSION-Facts Statistics

Based on current statistics, in the United States alone, 10% or almost 19 million of the American population suffer from depression each year.

Those who live in Australia have quite similar statistics on depression as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Depression does not pick an age.  There have been growing numbers of toddlers and preschoolers diagnosed with clinical depression.  It is present in all races, religion, status, and incomes.  It however, most commonly, affect the elderly population to about 60%.

After heart disease, depression is considered the second major killer.  It also contributes to the increasing fatality rates of coronary heart disease.

Men also get depressed. 

Depression causes one to be absent from work more than any other physical condition.  Excluding medical and drug expenses, most employers have lost billions of dollars each year due to absences and lost of their depressed laboring workforce.

Though many are suffering from depression, they are too embarrassed to seek help.  There are still several people with untreated depression.

15% of the depressed population think about committing suicide.

DEPRESSION-Facts on Treatment

In the treatment of depression, doctors advise a combination of drugs and therapy.  There is still a tendency for the depression to come back in the long run with just cognitive and behavioral therapies.

Treatments which have been standardized for depression were found to cause serious adverse effects like increased likelihood to commit suicide, psychosis, rage, tumors in the brain, and abnormal bleeding.

No treatment has been proven safe to be given to depressed children.  Studies are still ongoing.

DEPRESSION-Facts on Causes

Depression could run in families.  There is a genetic predisposition but it is usually triggered by some stressful or traumatic event.

Trauma affects specific portions of the brain like the frontal lobe and the hippocampus, from properly developing.  These are the portions used in decision-making.

Depression that is short-term might be due to a loss or by severe trauma.

Long-term depression is the result of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in childhood; neglect by parents; embarrassment; overly high  and unachievable expectations; family conflicts; family violence; divorce; racism; neighborhood struggles; and poverty. 

The cause of depression can be singled out for some.  But for others, it is an interlacing of factors.  Heredity, personality, difficulties, medical conditions, medications, substance abuse, nutritional deficiencies, and many other risk factors interplay in such a way that it alters the levels of certain chemicals in the brain responsible for mood and emotions.

DEPRESSION-Facts on how it is related to other illnesses

When a person is depressed, it can be “somatized” or translated in the body.  Based on one study conducted, depressed people do not produce sufficient white blood cells to counter infection, particularly in those patients who are older than 60.

Inability to see and address the depression in many patients can affect the course of the medical treatments and its effectiveness. 

Depression is linked to many other illnesses like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart problems, and other types of cancer, back pain, and eye problems.

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Quotes from the team at Phobias:

There are two steps in solving a problem.  Believing you can solve the problem and solving the problem.  Once you have established belief you are more than half way there.

You may not always find happiness from your actions, but you will never find happiness from inaction.




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