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Men and Stress

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  This is what defines the difference between these two sexes.  It is truly difficult to understand persons from the opposite sex, particularly if you have not really been able to get to know one.  This article would basically tackle issues about depression and phobias common in men and how to handle it to avoid problems in the near future.

In terms of phobias, the top five things that most men fear are spiders (Arachnophobia), public speaking (social phobia), flying (aerophobia), thunder (brontophobia), and heights (acrophobia).  Phobias are fears, which are irrational.  They can cause the person extreme anxiety to the point of panic, sweating, increased heart rate, difficulty deciding, and a feeling of wanting to get away.  If men have the phobias above, they would have difficulty dealing with their lives, unless they are helped by a professional.

As a contradiction to previous notions, men, as human beings, also get depressed.  However, the way at which this is presented, is different from that of women.  Men show signs of depression by being irritable, aggressive, and hostile towards others unlike women who usually show sadness and hopelessness.  If men get depressed, they do not do things they previously enjoy doing, and they lose their appetite, even if they are served a sumptuous meal.  In addition, they would become uninterested, bored, and tired easily.  They would also be restless at night.

Such problems in men do not easily get detected since they would deny such feelings are happening.  Society dictates that they should be “strong” and that they should present this “tough guy” image.  For them, showing emotion is a sign of weakness, and so they would just talk about the symptoms more than the feelings.  Because of this, depression in men is often undiagnosed and untreated.

The effect of depression in men is devastating.  It has been reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that in the United States alone, men are more likely to kill themselves by up to four times more than women.  Women may make more attempts, but men become more successful in finishing their lives simply because they have the strength and their methods are deadlier.   They would much rather point a gun directly to their heads and shoot, than overdose their bodies sleeping pills.

For men, there is a stigma attached to depression.  Instead of facing the problem and going to appropriate people who can help, they would much rather turn to drugs, vices, and inappropriate behaviors.  They do not want to talk about it to anybody, even to their families.

Treatment to phobias and depression in men are quite similar.  For phobias, treatment would be anti-anxiety medications and therapy through counseling. For depression, treatment would be a combination of antidepressants and counseling.  They can approach psychologists, hospital clinics, self-help groups, family doctors, and more.

Depression and phobias in men are not really illnesses but they can become a cause of one, unless properly managed. 



Quotes from the team at Phobias:

There are two steps in solving a problem.  Believing you can solve the problem and solving the problem.  Once you have established belief you are more than half way there.

You may not always find happiness from your actions, but you will never find happiness from inaction.




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